Kwiat Jewelry has a wide selection of diamond jewelry, exquisite engagement rings, and breathtaking wedding bands in 18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. King Jewelers aligns with the high-quality standards of the Kwiat diamond jewelry brand.


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    History of Kwiat

    In 1907, Sam Kwiat knew that he had an undeniable passion for diamonds, which inspired the launch of such a magnificent fine diamond jewelry brand in the heart of New York.

    Later, in 1933, Sam’s son David was propelled by a fascination of diamonds and decided to join the family jewelry-making business. He became so intrigued by the properties that make up a diamond’s sparkle that he began developing and mastering the perfect diamond cut.

    Between the 1950’s and 1970’s the Kwiat brand began to create a compilation of their extravagant designs in a catalog, including the very first Kwiat Star. The company relocated in 1962 to what is known, today, as the 47th Street International Diamond District. A few years later, Kwiat acquired a 126-carat rough diamond that was transformed into the world-renown 50-Carat “Teardrop of Africa.”

    When David’s sons, Sheldon and Lowell, joined the company, Kwiat was really taking off and beginning to catch the eye of some of the biggest names in jewelry, such as Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and Alexandre Reza. These companies started to refer to Kwiat as their main source for some of the most brilliantly-cut diamonds and fine jewelry designs.

    Growing at a rapid, but steady pace, the brand names Lowell’s son, Greg, CEO of the company just one year before Kwiat’s 100th-year anniversary. The following year, they opened up their very first flagship salon store on Madison Avenue, in order to showcase their most exquisite diamonds and diamond jewelry designs. Kwiat also purchases the Fred Leighton brand in order to expand their selection of the most exquisite gemstones.

    Lowell’s two other son’s, Cory and Russell, join the Kwiat team to help continue the family’s heritage in distributing the most brilliant diamonds and spectacular diamond jewelry. In 2018, Kwiat and Fred Leighton decided to open a combined flagship store on Madison Avenue, as well as at the Wynn Las Vegas. This monumental moment brought two of the most iconic names in fine jewelry together under one roof.

    Since the beginning, we have understood that there is nothing more brilliant than a beautifully cut diamond. It is why we cut our diamonds to the strictest standards, with honesty and integrity that is unsurpassed.

    Kwiat has a clear understanding that there is nothing more spectacular than a brilliantly-cut diamond. This is why King Jewelers admires our partnership with this iconic brand who takes immense pride in the nearly flawless cut of diamonds and elegant diamond jewelry design. Kwiat is committed to only creating masterpieces under their unique and strict standards, with grace and humility that is truly unmatched.

    Kwiat Collection Breakdown

    Kwiat Vintage: Referring to the designs of the past, Kwiat redesigns some of its most nostalgic pieces with the use of modern technology and contemporary flare.

    The Kwiat Setting: This signature setting is airy and timeless as it gives off the allusion of the center diamond floating above the skin, weightlessly. It’s contemporary and feminine and it allows the diamond to reflect even more light through the open bottom.

    Only You: The slogan behind the Only You collection is, “a ring for only you.” This collection of engagement rings is a way to showcase the beloved Kwiat diamond in a graceful-U-shaped basket, allowing more light refraction.

    Fidelity: Two bands twist and intertwine to create a sophisticated and exciting design meeting at the base of the center stone. This collection symbolizes the ideology of two becoming one under the premise of a beautiful promise.

    ASHOKA®: A diamond with 62 precise facets, providing it with optimal brilliance, unlike any other fancy-shaped diamond cut. This cut allows the stone to look 30%-50% larger than a cut of the same carat weight and gives off the illusion of the stone “floating” above the skin.

    American Beauty: This collection of floral diamond jewelry highlights Shirley Kwiat’s all-time favorite flower– the American Beauty rose. This prompted David to create a necklace for her with clusters of blooming diamond petals that are truly everlasting.

    Cobblestone: This sends on a nostalgic journey as we admire the diamond details in smooth 18K gold and platinum. Each diamond earring, ring, necklace, and bracelet resembles the cobblestone roads of our past.

    Colombian Emeralds: Searching for the purest and vibrant-colored emeralds in the Muzo and Chivor mines in Colombia, this collection of emerald and diamond jewelry nothing short of regal and elegant.

    Diamond Initial Pendants: This collection of initial jewelry in 18K yellow, white, and rose gold, is adorned with a single bezel-set diamond and dangles weightlessly from a delicate chain.

    Diamond Strings: This collection showcases effortless and versatile necklaces made up of a thin chainlink with bezel-set round brilliant diamond stations. Each diamond station or quad is equidistant from the next and adds a subtle elegance to any look!

    Eclipse: A variety of diamond shapes, such as marquise, pear, and round brilliant, add a contemporary twist to this collection of open circle diamond jewelry. Whether it’s adorning the ears and neck, wrapping the finger, or embracing the wrist, the Kwiat Eclipse collection always makes a statement.

    Jasmine: This collection is intended to celebrate love through floral design and the illusion of petite, blossoming diamonds floating against the skin, bordered by pave-set diamond bands.

    Kwiat Diamond Tags: Sleek and smooth bracelets and pendants showcase bars of 18K gold decorated on either edge with pave diamond detailing. The center of each bar is left a blank canvas for us to engrave anything you’d like, such as monograms, initials, or a sentimental date.

    Kwiat Star: This collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are made up of 18K gold or platinum and reveal clusters of marquise-shaped diamonds, taking on the shape of stars.

    Legacy: This collection of high jewels presents breathtaking diamonds, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and uniquely elegant designs. Each piece is set in 18K gold or platinum and showcases exquisite diamonds or precious colored gemstones.

    Moonlight: A collection of sleek bangles, hoop earrings, and rings made up of 18K gold, diamonds, and a variety of colored gemstones that are ideal for stacking and layering!

    Riviera: Inspired by the Mediterranean coastline, this collection encompasses the glamour of meticulously-matched and set diamonds in 18K gold. These strands of diamond bracelets and necklaces are nothing short of spectacular and always make an elegant statement.

    Signed Fred Leighton: Gathering inspiration from the victorian engagement ring styles of the past, we admire the vintage-cut Fred Leighton round diamond, bringing together contemporary artistry and antique design.

    Silhouette: A collection of diamond jewelry accompanied by pave-set diamond halos in platinum and 18K gold. We admire diamonds and colored gemstones creating elegant silhouettes around a fancy-shaped stone.

    Splendor: This collection is comprised of art-deco-inspired Edwardian filigree techniques applied to diamond pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets set into 18K gold or platinum for optimum glamor.

    Stackables:  Tell your own personal story with a stack of colored gemstone and diamond bangles and wedding bands. Stackable rings and bands are intended to commemorate life’s precious milestones in a unique and stylish way.

    Sunburst: This collection of jewelry is set with small stones, accentuating a center, round brilliant diamond that radiates and reflects light, much like the halo around the sun.

    Vine: As one of the most contemporary lines of the Kiwat brand, the Vine collection reveals a variety of diamond earrings, ear climbers, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that delicately wrap around the skin like vines.

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