7 Unique Luxury Gifts for Ocean Lovers from Deakin & Francis

Sep 01, 2023

If you’ve been searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for the ocean lover in your life, look no further. The Marine Collection from Deakin & Francis is a line of unique luxury accessories inspired by the beauty of the ocean. King Jewelers carries the Marine Collection’s handcrafted enamel cufflinks featuring intricate sea creature designs. These stunning cufflinks showcase Deakin & Francis’ expert craftsmanship and creativity. Here are the top 7 unique gifts for ocean lovers from the Marine Collection:

Deakin and Francis C050006-2
Deakin & Francis Lobster Cufflinks - C050006 - $635
1. Deakin and Francis Red Enamel Lobster Cufflinks

These Deakin & Francis Lobster Cufflinks are a great way to show off your love of the ocean. The cufflinks feature an eye-catching lobster design made of sterling silver and vibrant red enamel. These unique cufflinks would make a perfect gift for any ocean lover, or for anyone who appreciates fun cufflink designs. They are sure to turn heads and start conversations.

Deakin and Francis C050004
Deakin & Francis Stingray Cufflinks - C050004 - $585
2. Deakin and Francis Blue Enamel Stingray Cufflinks

Stingrays are graceful and mysterious creatures that inhabit the ocean. They are also incredibly beautiful, with their unique skin patterns and fins. These Deakin & Francis Stingray Cufflinks are the perfect way to show your appreciation for these amazing creatures. The cufflinks are handcrafted in sterling silver and blue enamel. These unique and stylish cufflinks will add a touch of ocean flair to any outfit.

Deakin and Francis C050007
Deakin & Francis Salmon Cufflinks - C050007 - $520
3. Deakin and Francis Swimming Salmon Cufflinks

Salmon are one of the few types of fish that live in both freshwater and saltwater during the course of their lives. These Deakin and Francis Swimming Salmon cufflinks are unique just like the salmon they are inspired by. The cufflinks are made of sterling silver and luxurious enamel. These incredible salmon cufflinks are the perfect addition to any ocean lover’s collection.

Deakin and Francis C5007S25
Deakin & Francis Seahorse Cufflinks - C5007S25 - $635
4. Deakin and Francis Orange Sapphire Seahorse Cufflinks

Seahorses are masters in camouflaging themselves to match their surroundings. However, you won’t be blending in with these Deakin & Francis Seahorse Cufflinks! The cufflinks are made of sterling silver with bright orange enamel details. The seahorses’ eyes are set with beautiful blue sapphires. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with these unique luxury cufflinks.

Deakin and Francis C5009S
Deakin & Francis Octopus Cufflinks - C5009S - $585
5. Deakin and Francis Black Octopus Cufflinks

Wear these mysterious and intelligent creatures of the deep on your wrist! These Deakin & Francis Octopus Cufflinks are made of oxidized black sterling silver. The cufflinks are unique and sure to be brought up in conversation.

Deakin and Francis C50010S1158-2
Deakin & Francis Submarine Cufflinks - C50010S1158 - $585
6. Deakin & Francis Yellow and Blue Submarine Cufflinks

Dive into the deep with these Deakin & Francis submarine cufflinks. The cufflinks are crafted in sterling silver and vibrant blue and yellow enamel. They are extraordinary and will add a touch of personality to your cuff.

Deakin & Francis C0831X0002
Deakin & Francis - C0831X0002 - $360
7. Deakin and Francis Anchor Cufflinks

Anchors away! Set sail in style with these Deakin & Francis Anchor Cufflinks. These unique cufflinks are made of oxidized sterling silver. Anchors represent hope and stability, making them the perfect gift for any ocean lover.

About Deakin & Francis Cufflinks

Deakin & Francis is a British jewelry designer with over 230 years of history. It was founded in 1786 by Benjamin Woolfield and is the oldest jewelry manufacturer in England. The company’s factory is still located in the same building where it was founded, a building that once housed the legendary James Watt, the father of the Industrial Revolution. Deakin and Francis is well known for their unique designs and expert craftsmanship.

Shop Unique Luxury Gifts for Ocean Lovers at King Jewelers

For over 110 years, King Jewelers has been a leader in luxury gifts for men and women. Shop fun and unique gifts for Ocean Lovers from Deakin & Francis at our showroom in Nashville, TN. Explore Deakin and Francis cufflinks online to take advantage of complimentary 2-day shipping. No matter who you’re shopping for, King Jewelers has the perfect luxury gift to make any occasion special. Need help finding the perfect gift? Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

7 Unique Luxury Gifts for Ocean Lovers from Deakin & Francis


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