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Marco Bicego Jewelry

Allow the pure sophistication of Marco Bicego earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings captivate your senses with 18K gold, luminous diamonds and vibrant-colored gemstones. Marco Bicego revolutionizes traditional attributes of elegance into wearable art. Enjoy handcrafted Italian jewelry that utilizes ancient craftsmanship to curate high-fashion designer jewelry.


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    History of Marco Bicego

    They say that Marco Bicego jewelry is “born out of passion” because the Italian designer produces contemporary pieces of jewelry that are deeply rooted in tradition. Following in his father, Giuseppe Bicego’s, footsteps, Marco Bicego perpetuates the family legacy by designing jewelry inspired by the natural surroundings and heritage of the city of Venice. The ancient jewelry techniques that are valued and utilized by the company’s master goldsmith’s have been passed down a long line of generations.

    Keeping family tradition in mind, Marco Bicego also incorporates refined jewelry-making techniques without sacrificing old-world customs. In each pair of Marco Bicego earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings we admire the meticulous lines, colorful gemstones, hand-engravings, and natural shapes that radiate luxury in 18K gold. It should be noted that every single piece is completed with a stamp, reading “Made in Italy,” assuring each loyal patron that their piece is authentic and truly one of a kind.

    Africa: Using the Bulino technique, the Africa collection is channels luxury through the art of pairing 18K yellow gold coils and boules with colorful pearls and precious gemstones to create unique masterpieces.

    Cairo: Natural elegance takes new form with meticulously twisted 18K yellow gold strands that have been woven together to create a fluid, flexible piece embellished with diamond details.

    Delicati: Translating to “delicate” in Italian, this collection showcases dainty, whimsical, circular shapes interlocking to one another in 18K white gold and yellow gold

    Goa: This collection utilizes the “Corda di Chatarra” technique, exclusive to the Marco Bicego brand. Each piece of 18K white, rose, and yellow gold jewelry is intersected by one another and adorned with diamond stations.

    Jaipur: Exquisite precious gemstones are the baseline of this collection. Each stone is cut and selected for Marco Bicego himself. Crafted by hand, these pieces are bright and colorful, creating a bold presence that can only be defined as undeniably unique.

    Jaipur Link: The remarkably eye-catching circular elements of this collection are interlocked into one another and utilize the Bulino technique. These creations have an alluring elegance and an endless circular attraction.

    Lucia: Bold, graduating links make up this collection, creating contemporary design with classic elegance. Vibrant 18K yellow gold makes a statement on the skin with glistening diamond details to add a touch of luxury to select pieces.

    Lunaria: This collection is intended to resemble flower petals blowing in the wind. Petal-shaped 18K yellow gold plates reveal brushed satin details, as a result of the Bulino method.

    Marrakech: This unique collection features the “Corda di Chitarra” technique, which is performed by hand-twisting threads of 18K gold to create a fluid strand of luxurious jewelry that is finished with some of the purest diamonds in the world.

    Marrakech Onde: This whimsical collection contains the word “Onde,” which translates to “waves” in Italian. Presenting a flat diamond illusion, the tension of these gold strands creates a wave-like effect.

    Masai: Inspired by the African Masai tribe, Marco Bicego specifically admired their ornaments. Coiled strands of 18K gold in white, rose and yellow are paired in layers to create delicate designs that form to the body with diamond details.

    Paradise: This collection can be identified by its bright and colorful gemstones that delicately dangle from dainty 18K yellow gold chains. Explore everything from single strand necklaces and multi-strand bracelets.

    Petali: Natural elegance is discovered as 18K yellow gold is carefully crafted to take on the delicate resemblance of flowers accompanied by diamonds and other precious materials.

    Siviglia: Simple elegance comes to mind with this collection as each pebble-like detail reveals hand-etched workings from skilled Italian craftsmen creating a contemporary look with old-world tradition.

    Siviglia Grande: This collection showcases classic luxury with a bold twist, as these large masterpieces catch the attention of the room with minimal effort. This collection amplifies the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail in each piece of Marco Bicego jewelry.






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