Lab Created Diamonds and Natural Diamonds – What’s the Difference?

Jun 28, 2019
Lab Gown Diamonds
Lab Gown Diamonds
The Difference Between Lab Created Diamonds and Natural Diamonds

Well, the simple answer would be, yes. A diamond is a diamond regardless of where it originated. When discussing the comparison between lab created diamonds and natural earth diamonds, always remember that lab-made diamonds share the identical physical and chemical makeup of earth diamonds. The major difference between the two types of diamonds is quite simple– one is formed by humans in a laboratory, while the other is formed naturally beneath the earth’s surface. King Jewelers wants to take a closer look at these two entities to give you a better idea of the differences between each of them. This way, when you begin your diamond-shopping journey, you can feel confident that you are making an informed decision.

Lab Grown Diamond Plant
Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-created diamond production happens through two primary methods. The first one, referred to as the HTHP (High-Temperature-High-Pressure) process, does exactly that. Basically, the diamond growers replicate the environment in which natural diamonds develop. A special type of press creates a high-temperature and high-pressure carbon environment in which a diamond begins to form. The other method takes a sliver from one of these HTHP-generated diamonds and carefully places it into an 800-degree chamber that melts the carbon, in-turn, crystallizing the diamond particle.

Both of these methods take place within controlled environments. Therefore, they generally leave a small ecological footprint behind. Cultured diamonds also cost less money because supply and demand is consistently a non-issue due to mass production. Typically, these labs can produce a substantial batch of diamonds in as little as 10-12 weeks. In addition, if a consumer is concerned about the ethics behind a diamond’s origin, the lab-grown route may be the best option for them. Although, at King Jewelers, we do our best to ensure all of the diamonds we sell come from conflict-free mines.

Lab Grown Round Brilliant Diamond Natural
Lab Grown Diamonds

There is nothing as rare and magnificent as a natural diamond. Over millions of years, carbon-rich gas becomes trapped near the earth’s core with tremendous pressure and high temperatures. Diamonds begin to grow in this ecosystem and through volcanic eruption, are pushed out towards the earth’s surface where they can then be mined and distributed. This means that every single earth diamond is truly the only one of its kind. There is something to be said about a stone that has been on this planet for millions of years.

Natural diamonds serve as an everlasting symbol of the unique love story shared between two people. The rarity of an earth diamond is not only admired but is oftentimes compared to the rarity of true love. Symbolizing eternity, a diamond is one of the hardest materials to destroy and can withstand almost anything. Investing in an earth diamond means you’re investing your life in another person. Together, you can withstand anything that comes your way. Due to this rarity, earth diamonds will always have a higher supply and demand discrepancy. Therefore, this naturally comes with a higher price tag. You can’t place a price on true love and hundreds of years of tradition, therefore, earth diamonds will never go out of style.

Shop Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds at King Jewelers

King Jewelers is proud to host Nashville’s largest selection of both earth and lab-created diamonds. Stop by one of our stores located in the Green Hills shopping area of Nashville, Tennessee and North Miami Beach, Florida. Explore our extensive lab-grown diamond and natural diamond collections. Feel free to visit us online to receive free shipping on select diamond purchases or call us to speak to one of our diamond experts for any further inquiries. We look forward to helping you discover the diamond you’ve always dreamed of, as we welcome you into the King Jewelers family.


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