Temple St Clair Celestial Jewlery

Dec 28, 2023

Step into a world kissed by moonlight and stardust with Temple St. Clair’s celestial jewelry. Each piece is a miniature constellation, whispering tales of cosmic wonder in the language of gleaming gemstones and radiant gold. Let Temple St. Clair adorn you with the magic of the cosmos with these wearable works of art.

Temple St Clair Earrings
Temple St Clair E36804-ECLIPSE
Temple St Clair Eclipse Earrings E36804-ECLIPSE
Solar & Lunar Eclipse Earrings $5,500

Temple St Clair’s celestial earrings are inspired by the moon, stars, and night sky. These Eclipse earrings feature the solar and lunar eclipse among a backdrop of precious gemstones including rubies, orange sapphires, and blue sapphires.

Temple St Clair E31839-ORBIT-1
Temple St Clair E31839-ORBIT
Orbit Star Earrings - $2,700

Temple St Clair’s Orbit Star earrings feature diamonds that twinkle like constellations captured in radiant gold.

Temple St Clair E38831-SOLESM-1
Temple St Clair E38831-SOLESM
Sole Dangle Earrings - $2,750

These Sole dangle earrings from Temple St Clair feature sunray designs hand-carved into luxurious 18K yellow gold.

Temple St Clair Necklaces
Temple St Clair P36806-ECLSOL
Temple St Clair P36806-ECLUN
Solar & Lunar Eclipse Pendants - $3,000 each

These Temple St Clair pendants feature the solar and lunar eclipse. The rising sun is set among a background of orange sapphires and red rubies while the moon is complimented by vibrant blue sapphires.

Temple St Clair P16474-3ORBIT_1
Temple St Clair P16474-3ORBIT
Orbit Pendant - $2,500

This Temple St Clair Orbit pendant features a moonstone center orbited by a rainbow of precious gemstones including sapphire, tsavorite, and rubies. Pair this pendant with a Temple St Clair chain to create your very own celestial necklace.

Temple St Clair P51825-R18ASTRID_2
Temple St Clair P51825-R18ASTRID_3
Round Astrid Amulet - $3,950

Temple St Clair is perhaps most known for its iconic rock crystal amulets. The design of this round Astrid amulet is inspired by the invisible forces guiding the universe. It is inscribed with  the last verse from The Divine Comedy, “Amore Che Move Il Sole E L’Altre Stelle.” meaning, the love that moves the sun and other stars.

Temple St Clair Rings
Temple St Clair R36806-ECLSOL-1
Solar Eclipse Ring - $3,900

Wear the cosmos on your finger with celestial rings from Temple St Clair. This Solar Eclipse ring features a sun design set among radiant red rubies and stunning orange sapphires.

Temple St Clair R18825-ASTRID_4
Temple St Clair R18825-ASTRID_2
Astrid Ring - $5,200

The Temple St Clair Astrid ring unfolds like a celestial map unveiling a universe of interlocking spheres, whispering secrets of the cosmos. The ring unfolds revealing multiple rings that can be stacked, or worn around the neck as a pendant.

Temple St Clair R16816-HORIZ_1
Temple St Clair Horizon Ring R16816-HORIZ
Horizon Ring - $2,900

Wear the cosmos on your finger with Temple St Clair’s Horizon Ring: a glittering galaxy of sapphires, tsavorites, and diamonds, guiding you towards a radiant horizon.

Explore Temple St Clair Jewelry at King Jewelers in Nashville, TN

King Jewelers is proud to be an authorized retailer of Temple St Clair jewelry in Nashville, TN. Discover a large selection of Temple St Clair amulets, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. Visit our showroom in Green Hills to experience an unparalleled luxury shopping experience. Enjoy complimentary shipping when you shop Temple St Clair jewelry online.

Temple St Clair Celestial Jewlery


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